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Nourish the most delicate dry skin Gently massage into  any areas where fine lines may develop or exist especially around the eyes. Use in the bath, as a make-up remover and to condition the hair and scalp. Silky smooth and non greasy, this exquisite light oil penetrates and hydrates the skin.

Delicate Skin Oil, Lan/Vit E, 1.6 oz. Bottle -- $23.95
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with Vitamins B5,C,E, and Propolis

A unique conditioner and food for delicate skin, designed to give intensive care to dull, dehydrated, or uneven complexions.  Placenta extract gives the skin the resources to reconstruct itself by stimulating the cell renewal function to help combat the aging process.  The added Vitamins have been selected for their nourishing, restorative, and antioxidant properties.  recent research has shown that Merino Placenta Cream combined with Propolis stimulates the repair of sun damaged and wrinkled skin.

Placenta Face Cream w/Vitamins B5,C,E & Propolis 1.7 oz Jar--$29.95
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