Black Diamond Supply is a wholesale Merino Products distributor and mail-order company dedicated to selling products that offer fair value and that work.  Located in the Northern Rockies in scenic Hamilton, Montana USA, Black Diamond Supply distributes exclusively to the Pacific Northwest as well as to all 50 states and Canada via mail-order.


Black Diamond Supply was founded in 1993 under the entrepreneurial notion that if a product did what it claimed and offered quality and fair value it would literally “sell itself”.

Sort of “if you build it they will come”.  The Merino Skin Care product line was that product.  We discovered Merino through a daughter returning from New Zealand who brought some jars of cream as a gift.  Astounded by its effect on dry skin we inquired to distribute Merino and the rest is history.


Not content to let Merino “sell itself”  we embarked on a mission to demonstrate its effectiveness to all who would listen.  Beginning with local fairs and festivals and expanding to State Fairs, Home Shows, Trade Fairs, Medical Conventions, etc in 7 states, Black Diamond Supply has been bringing Merino to customers seeking relief from a wide range of conditions from dry skin to eczema.


Along the way Black Diamond Supply has added a few select products such as New Zealand Socks and a Janknits, a custom line of knitted wool sweaters.  Staying true to the value through price and quality concept we have limited our product line to just items we believe are superior and have concentrated on selling those in lieu of additional quantity.


Today we are selling Merino Products to an ever increasing customer base in the US and Canada and constantly amazed by the excitement stirred by a product “that works”  From a grass roots beginning to acceptance by medical professionals Merino is continuing to help people while Black Diamond Supply is continuing its evolving marketing efforts to bring these unique products to the consumer.  Black Diamond Supply has consistently maintained a friendly, family owned, rural, atmosphere and communicated with our customers on a personal level.  Our goal has never been to be the biggest but instead to provide superior products and service to customers who recognize the value of what we offer.  Our web site, available since 1997, will soon offer on line purchasing, a milestone for us, but hopefully not at the expense of that personal level we have developed with the consumer. We still encourage all to use the 800 line for questions, orders, and sample requests.