Merino Skin Products are a group of unique Lanolin based products that are exclusively manufactured by Ascal Laboratories of Auckland, New Zealand.  Ascal Laboratories was founded in the late 70’s by pharmacist Chris Martin in an attempt to address the many skin and dry skin issues of his customers.  In the pharmacy many people brought in creams and lotions they had purchased in different places complaining that they didn’t work and what could they buy that did. Chris was at the time frustrated in being unable to provide an alternative product anymore effective than the ones being brought in.


Being well aware of the benefits of Lanolin, Chris began formulating a Lanolin based “reasonably priced” cream that would provide relief to his customers.  In its natural state Lanolin is difficult and unpleasant to use so Chris began to blend ingredients to improve its application and usefulness, at the same time being ever mindful of quality and consistency.  Through these efforts he developed Merino Lanolin Skin Cream.  It was immediately successful and began to generate a following of dedicated users.


By 1987 Chris had to give up his pharmacy to dedicate his efforts full time to Ascal Laboratories.  At the same time he began to formulated other Lanolin base skin products to improve the line and assist his customers in easing their discomforts.


Though Chris passed away in 1997 the company is still family owned and operated and is still dedicated to the same quality and standards that Chris imposed during his tenure at Ascal, the company he founded.  Lanolin was then, and is now the single ingredient common to all the Merino products. The single quality they share is that “they work”.


Today Merino is celebrating over 20 years in the development and production of Lanolin Based Skin Care.  It’s wide treatment range is accepted and sold at pharmacies throughout New Zealand.  It is exported to countries including the USA, Canada, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Germany, Holland, among others. 


Merino products are extensively used by Diabetics, Eczema Sufferers, post-op patients, as well as dry skin sufferers around the globe. Ascal continues in the tradition of Chris Martin to manufacture a skin treatment that “is reasonably priced and that works”.